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Sheldon Hooper Foundation Survey Report

This report provides comprehensive details about the survey conducted with the purpose of informing the Memorandum of Incorporation of the proposed Foundation in the memory of Field Guide Sheldon Hooper, sadly lost on 18 August 2020.

The report begins with an introduction describing the context for the survey and goes on to provide an overview of the survey methodology and its sponsors.

The results of the survey comprise the larger part of this report. The sample and its profile are presented.

The report goes on to present to discuss detailed results about the pressures facing fauna and flora and local communities along with implications and strategic imperatives for these two important groups.

Opportunities to improve the vocation attractiveness of Trackers and Field Guides are presented, along with proposals for enhancement of their education.

Next, the report cites opportunities to improve the working conditions and service delivery of Lodge employees.

Continuing, report concludes with clear insight about how to enhance guest experience in the Safari industry.

Fifteen strategic imperatives for the preservation and refinement of the Safari and conservation industries emanate from the research. Each are discussed in respect of their merits and potential for adoption by the proposed Foundation.

In conclusion, a discussion on biodiversity and inclusivity leads to a name for the Foundation as well as a proposed mission statement for adoption in its Memorandum of Incorporation.

Finally, contact details are provided for people who are in need of contacting the Foundation for whatever reason.

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