What We Do

Brand Positioning Research

Delve into consumer perceptions of brands and their alignment with consumer needs.

Product Concept Research

Refine and validate product concepts and final products to enhance consumer acceptance.

Advertising Research

Shape brand advertising strategies and gauge the impact of specific advertisements in various formats (storyboards, scamps, scripts, filmed drafts, finished commercials and more)

Triggers and Barriers Research

Identify factors driving product usage and non-usage among consumers.

Shopper Research

Explore the intricacies of consumer choices in shopping scenarios.

Mystery Shopping Research

Assess companies’ customer service performance to identify areas for improvement and enhance overall perception.

Employee and Supplier Engagement Research

Foster energy and efficiency within organisational dynamics through strategic management strategies informed by comprehensive research surveys. Read more…

Product Launch Research

Gather consumer feedback at different stages of product launches to refine strategies and optimise outcomes.

Pricing Research

Understand price sensitivity and demand elasticity curves for targeted products.

Customer Service Research

Measure consumer satisfaction across diverse market scenarios to refine service offerings and strategies.

Brand Planning

Develop focussed and impactful brand plans and define brand DNA, informed by comprehensive research insights.