Employee Engagement

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It is a truism that satisfied customers tend to be more profitable because they repeat purchase with less quibbling about price than dissatisfied customers do.

Following on, flawless manufacturing of quality products, delivered with seamless service create satisfied customers.

Completing the circle, highly energised and engaged employees are the key to flawless manufacturing and seamless service!

Against this simple and obvious background, wise organisations keep a constant watch on their customers’ needs and satisfaction levels relative to their competitors, as well as the state of motivation and engagement of their workforce.

Why is employee engagement important?

Engaged Employees: are generally positive, committed, focused and motivated to achieve successful outcomes in each specific engagement opportunity. The overriding sentiment is “for the good of the company, with pride”. The “we” mentality.

Neutral Employees: are mostly neutral, passive, freewheeling and happy to achieve ordinary outcomes in each specific engagement opportunity. The overriding sentiment is “for the good of me, with tolerance for the company”. The “I” mentality.

Disengaged Employees: are inclined to be negative, dissident, distracted and apathetic in each specific engagement opportunity. The overriding sentiment is “I wish I were somewhere else, I dislike the company”. The “they” mentality.

Organisational rewards to be had by cultivating a workforce that is highly energised and engaged are immense and numerous:-

  • Better employee engagement means better productivity! They work harder, smarter, are absent less often and less involved in accidents, incidents or activities causing timeout.

  • Engaged employees are less wasteful! They are more conscious of wasting resources, and less likely to make mistakes that cause unnecessary costs.

  • Engaged employees means more profit! Increased productivity + decreased wastage = increased profit!

  • Engaged employees are less likely to resign! They will work for your company for much longer than disengaged ones increasing return on investment in training, increased experience and accordingly better productivity.

  • Engaged employees are positive promoters! They are less likely to have negative things to say about the business. They are brand ambassadors.

  • Engaged employees are happy in their work! They tend to be cheerful and promote good vibes within the company, creating a contagious positive knock-on effect to co-workers and customers alike.

  • Engaged employees communicate well! They are better at communicating with their peers, leaders and customers. They are generally adept at breaking down silos and creating mutual cooperation between the various functions in the business.

  • Engaged employees are more innovative! They outclass their disengaged counterparts when it comes to bringing valuable ideas to the business.

  • Sustainable competitive advantage! Engagement is a difficult, slow, cultural transformation and, if achieved, by default renders sustainable competitive advantage. It will be hard for competitors to achieve overnight.

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